time is giving

30 Nov 2009

One of my lectures ever said that Now,maybe we can change the definition about time. Time not just a money, but the important thing is how time become a giving.

Yes a giving Our time in this world just a short time, many people collect much money to their life, even thoughall the money will not be brought to day after. my friends, ever you think about Day After, and how we can pass the time to finish our life? Things, wich we have, be a part of our life just in this time, but our giving will help usnot only in this time but also in the future day.

Being usefull for other in every time we have. The giving not just a money, things, or another materials. A Giving can be just a simple thing such aswe take care for other people, listening others problem, give solution to solve a problem, give a physical help, or altough just a smile. Many things can become a giving. Rasulullah SAW ever said a smile is sodaqoh -a giving-. So if you couldnt give money today, you can give your fresh face and nice smile for others, and they will be happyand maybe become a spirit to see your nice face

Giving something to other people will bring many thing to us. Hadith said that This giving willprevent our day from a bad thing, boarder our rizqi, and give a lengthen age. Other hadith said a greatperson is someone ho can be usefull for others . Give our time to help other, therefore we can get a great and happiness day because we satisfied with our life. Finally, thetime in giving will be our real time that Alloh countasa reward, and become our saving to our future day, can we?

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